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  • Mango spiced rum cheesecake with raspberry coulis and nutmeg cream
  • Roasted sweet potato and pecan pie with vanilla custard and fresh berries
  • Fresh made crepes filled with exotic fruit and topped with Grand Marnier butter sauce and dusted with icing sugar
  • Banana Pear cheesecake
  • Chocolate mousse infused with Baileys and Grand Marnier
  • Bread and butter pudding with a Kentucky bourbon sauce and cinnamon cream
  • Bailey’s Crème Brulee- vanilla beans infused with baileys Irish cream, topped with flambéed fruit, glazed with cardamom sugar, splashed with nutmeg cream and dusted with icing sugar
  • Egg nog and limoncello cheesecake- cream cheese folded with lemon zest and sour cream, fresh baked and topped with a blueberry compote
  • Beignet apple fritters- Granny Smith apples bathed in a light batter, shallow fried and drizzled with a triple sec cinnamon syrup dusted with icing sugar and touched with Madagascan vanilla cream
  • Individual bread and butter pudding with a Kentucky bourbon sauce and Chantilly cream
  • Triple chocolate mousse cake – served with Grand Marnier sabayon
  • New York Style Cheesecake – topped with a strawberry compote and Bailey’s Chantilly cream
  • Home style roasted sweet potato pecan pie infused with cinnamon and dark rum baked in a light pastry
  • Dark chocolate truffle mousse – semi sweet chocolate, bitter chocolate and white chocolate mousse layered between chocolate cake
  • Bread and butter pudding – raisins soaked in brandy combined with crusty bread in a light custard, baked and doused with a Kentucky bourbon butter sauce and fresh berries
  • Crème Brulee – Grand Marnier glazed with cardamom sugar topped with nutmeg cream and berries **SWEET WILDFIRE STICKS – phyllo pastry rolled out and sprinkled with crushed pistachios, peach wedges then drizzled with maple syrup and honey rerolled and brushed with butter, dusted with coconut and baked
  • Caramelized apple tart baked with cream cheese and touched with caramel grand Marnier orange sauce touched with fresh nutmeg whipped cream and summer berries
  • Mint chocolate swirl cheesecake, served with caramel sauce, blueberry coulis and a fresh fruit salsa topped with cinnamon cream
  • Chocolate fountain – with marshmallow and fruit skewers
  • Assorted mini desserts: chocolate eclairs, fruit tarts, individual cheese cakes, chocolate, strawberry, & vanilla
  • Rhubarb and strawberry ricotta orange tarts with vanilla cream
  • Indian chai tea and dark rum crème Brulee with pistachio tuile
  • White chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake
  • French honey cruller served warm set on a bed of nutmeg vanilla custard topped with chocolate peanut butter ice cream splashed with roasted peanuts and topped with black berries