Wedding in a Hurricane, kincardine

“If you’re looking for a caterer who will make amazing food and go above and beyond to make your event special you’ve found him! Andrew catered our cottage wedding and did an amazing job. He worked with us to make a delicious meal plan and helped with other parts of planning such as linen and dish rentals, tent layout, timetables, stocking the bar, etc. On our wedding day we had a tornado and rainstorm storm that knocked down trees and cut the power to our venue. Andrew and his team didn’t give up, they went the extra mile. Andrew flipped fish on the BQQ with a smile on his face while clinging to the deck umbrella so he didn’t get blown away in the middle of the storm. His team cooked using candle light and managed to serve a hot dinner to 60+ people in a tent in the rain without an oven or stove. The food was still amazing and we got so many complements from our guests. The bartender let us draw power from his van to power the music and a few lights under the tent. In the end, Andrew’s team couldn’t make coffee so they went into town and bought Tim Hortons for everyone. We might have eaten dinner in a puddle, but it was delicious and the day felt good because everyone pulled together. Thank you Andrew, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.” All the best, Thelma and Adam”