Bachelorette Party

“For my bachlorette my best friend knew that what I truly wanted was to be surrounded by my closest friends, engrossed in nature and of course devour delicious food.  Food has always been a great focal point in my life. In fact I have travelled the world in search of some memorable cuisines so with that in mind my friend contacted a few of her chef friends who recommended Andrew.  Andrew inquired about my travels, my experiences with food and based on that came up with a menu that was truly tailored to me.
He not only cooked for us but explained why he used certain spices/flavours in his dishes and how and why he cooked them the way that he did.  I have honestly not had a delicious meal like that in a long time and to share this experience with 20 of my closest friends was a dream.  He not only trekked his way out to the cottage in the middle of nowhere but he took care of all the set up and clean up.  Thank you Andrew for making my weekend a truly special one.
I can still taste the memory…”  – Nav Singh