Wildfire Specialties


Pork Specialties

  • Whole Pig stuffed or unstuffed
  • stuffed with roasted apples, potatoes, onions, bread, smoked sausage, bacon, fresh herbs and spices
  • 1/2 or 1/4 pig
  • pork leg
  • pork shoulder
  • pork ribs

*Rubbed with herbs and spices, slowly rotisseried over open charcoal, applewood and hickory

Beef Specialties

  • prime rib
  • beef ribs
  • striploin
  • leg of beef
  • beef shoulder

*Seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper, fresh thyme and olive oil and cooked slow over open flame on Wildfire Spit

Lamb Specialties

  • whole or half lamb
  • lamb leg
  • lamb shoulder

*Rubbed and marinated in mint, rosemary, garlic and spices.  Gently roasted over hot coals served with yogurt cucumber dip. Stuffed or unstuffed.

Chicken Specialties

  • whole, half or quarter stuffed or unstuffed
  • chicken breasts
  • chicken legs

*Well seasoned, either slow cooked on rotisserie or char smoked over mesquite wood.

Fish Specialties

  • Fresh atlantic whole salmon 4 – 9 lbs, stuffed with green onions, seasoned fresh bread, cilantro, baby shrimps and chili (optional)
  • Whole red or white snapper
  • Fillets of black grouper
  • Striped bass flame grilled


Sausage Specialties

  •  Kranska
  • Polish
  • Hungarian
  • German
  • Whatever you desire grilled over applewood embers.

***Add sides to your order!***

  • country style potato salad
  • macaroni and smoked bacon salad
  • fennel and beet salad
  • caesar salad
  • roasted potato and sauasge salad
  • mixed greens
  • corn bread with Jack Daniels cream cheese spread
  • baked potatoes with all the fixin’s
  • garlic mashed
  • zucchini and carrot, potato mashed
  • fresh baked bread and rolls

***prices vary depending on items that are chosen***