Retirement Dinner

Corporate Retirement Dinner

Recently, on behalf of my company, I retained the services of Chef Andrew Barrett of Wildfire Cuisine to cater a retirement dinner for a long-time business associate. My wife and I hosted the dinner for fourteen guests at our home in Kitchener. From the initial discovery of the excellent Wildfire Cuisine web site, through initial contact via email and a follow-up pre-event visit to our home, Chef Barrett was the consummate professional. The menu options he provided were outstanding and exactly in line with our budget, making the meal selection quick and easy. Communications leading up to the event were very responsive, uncomplicated, and friendly. On the day of the dinner party, Chef Barrett and his staff were thoughtful and pleasant and immediately got to work preparing the food. Andrew clearly loves to cook, as evidenced by his joyful demeanour and tendency to sing to himself as he works. Knowing that he had things completely under control in the kitchen, the cooking became an entertaining backdrop to the socializing we were able to do with our guests. When the buffet dinner was served, everyone tucked in with gusto, from the tasty appetizers to the scrumptious main course and the delightful homemade dessert. As we proceeded to celebrate the career of the guest of honour, the Wildfire team quickly and thoroughly did their clean-up, even hand washing all of our good China and cutlery!  Before we knew it, they were saying goodbye, leaving us and our guests to wind down our evening well satisfied and most impressed with the exquisite service of Wildfire Cuisine. The only question now is, how soon can we have Wildfire back to cater another event?