Guest – Testimonial From The Kitchen


Bruce Sharland

On Saturday June 29th, 2013 I had the pleasure of working under Chef Andrew Barrett.  We catered a 200 person, 5 gourmet course wedding in Kitchener Ontario.

I’ve worked for many chefs over the years and I am able to give you an honest, experienced, behind the scenes account of the event.

I met Chef Andrew early Saturday morning and I immediately noticed an energy coming from him that was both calm and exciting at the same time.   His passion for food and his vast experience working in over 30 countries was immediately apparent.

He immediately took control of the kitchen staff while also working and prioritizing the prep list.   I knew exactly what he expected from me with a combination of humour and firmness that is unusual in many chefs (think Gordon Ramsay).   He was friendly, helpful, likable but with a no nonsense, client first attitude.

Long story short … the event went off without a hitch, in spite of a POWER FAILURE in the middle of plating the main entree.  The timing was impeccable … the plated food was beautiful and full of flavour … the staff were happy … the clients were thrilled … and I was tired.

Bottom line is that I have never been involved with such a smooth, calm and professional catered event in my cooking career.

I would highly recommend Chef Andrew to any client that wants a similar experience.


Bruce Sharland