Dinner Parties

Benefits of a Personal Chef

  • all shopping is done by chef
  • stress free
  • no need for clean up
  • get involved in preparation of meal if you want
  • choose exactly what you want for your meal
  • socialize and entertain your guests
  • turn the chef into the entertainment if you wish
  • learn about cuisine from the chef

Winter is here, don’t get bogged down by the weather.  People are still going out to restaurants for a nice meal with their family and close friends.  However, if you would rather stay home for your gathering but are hesitant about all the work behind it why not hire a chef to cater your meal?  Many people are seeking catering professionals to come into their homes for a different type of experience.  Just recently we prepared a four course dinner for a small party of twelve guests.  We started with a warm chick pea feta dip with a hint of chili pepper, followed by a classic caesar salad with housemade dressing.  Next there came a beef tenderloin pocketed with portabello mushrooms and roasted garlic, topped with a green peppercorn demi glaze laced with red wine.  To finish it off, baked apples stuffed with apricots, pecans and dates touched with Jack Daniels caramel sauce as well as gala apple skewers and poached pears.  All of the meal was prepared at the guests home.  Everything went smoothly, the guests were ever so curious to what was going on in the kitchen as pots and pans were clanging around, the shuffling of feet, and the precise plating of the meal by the chefs.  Everyone thouroughly enjoyed the experience.  All the host had to do was relax and enjoy the evening.