bachelorette season is here

Off to Blue Mountains in Collingwood we go! What a beautiful scenic drive. Beaver Valley is absolutely gorgeous.  It has always been a treat heading up to that neighbourhood. The past few seasons we’ve been up there quite a few times, and we are always met with great responses. It’s always fun when you are […] Read more »


Welcome to Wildfire Cuisine!  Thank you for taking the opportunity to browse the website.  Spring is here and summer is around the corner.  If we can help you plan and cater your upcoming event, we would love it!!  We can build a customized menu and package to suit your needs. Whether you are having a […] Read more »

World Theme Nights with Wildfire Cuisine

Travel the globe from the comfort of your own home! Have you ever longed to dine by the River Seine in France?  Relax in a refreshing oasis with a authentic meal?  Taste the heat of Thailand on your plate?  Experience pasta overlooking the Mediterranean Sea? Chef Andrew would love to share his passion and worldly tastes with […] Read more »

Guest – Testimonial From The Kitchen

On Saturday June 29th, 2013 I had the pleasure of working under Chef Andrew Barrett.  We catered a 200 person, 5 gourmet course wedding in Kitchener Ontario. I’ve worked for many chefs over the years and I am able to give you an honest, experienced, behind the scenes account of the event. I met Chef […] Read more »

Heat up your summer with Wildfire Cuisine!

Taste the world of cuisine Wildfire style!  Choose from a bountiful selection of fresh fish, seafood, lamb, beef, pork, chicken or duck.  We will build a fragrant flavour profile for each dish.  Wildfire Cuisine will source the freshest, top quality ingredients and present it to you in your home and apply different cooking techniques to […] Read more »